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Jul 07 2018

The Lucky Diamond Dulcimer

From time to time, I am asked to do some dulcimer improvement or repair work. For the most part, this will involve procedures such as adding a 6 and-a-half fret, fixing a buzz in a fretboard, or even creating a new fingerboard.V I will take on most of these jobs if I feel confident that …

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Feb 20 2017

The Pick of the Litter

 Finally worked my way to the final details of the pegs, nut, bridge, and strings. I had decided to go traditional and install violin pegs. It would really look sharp, but make it more difficult to get into exact tune. To help alleviate this, I allowed for the installation of fine tuning beads at the …

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Feb 17 2017

Down the Home Stretch

 Thanks to careful design, everything is fitting together nicely.             The first coat of polyurethane. This’ll be finished sometime this weekend.  

Feb 14 2017

Putting It All Together

With the peghead completed, it was time to do some shaping, adding sound holes and gluing things together.

Feb 13 2017


Carving makes me a little nervous. One false move and the whole piece can be ruined. The woodcarving knives that I’ve had for a long time are basically cheap junk. To work the large-scale removal, I used a multi-tool and chisels. I then purchased a new variable-speed Dremel tool and a bunch of different carving …

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Feb 01 2017

Choosing the Wood

I want this instrument to be unique and reflective of my passion for the craft of lutherie. Since I work mostly in walnut, I’ve decided to use that for the back and sides (as usual). The top, however, will be my favorite type of wood: wormy chestnut. All the American Chestnut trees contracted a blight …

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Jan 24 2017

This One Is For Me

I have been planning a new dulcimer for myself for about 5 years, but always seemed to have other projects that took precedence or I just chickened out on what was necessary to accomplish it. I wanted to do a carving on the peghead, and this just made me nervous. I have done two dulcimers …

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Dec 27 2016

Cross-Country Delivery Complete

This is being posted after the dust has cleared from the Christmas Celebrations. I am happy to report that the bass arrived unscathed to Central Oregon on December 21 — one week after she was shipped. This is Jon, the proud owner and co-designer of dulcimer #46 (I’m not sure if he’s named her yet). …

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Dec 03 2016

Dulcimer #46 is complete!

After a coat of paste wax and installing the tuning machines, I attached the acoustic bass strings and carefully located the bridge in the optimum place. On the evening of Friday, December 2nd, I joined the Naturecoast Dulcimer Players on the front porch of an historic house in nearby Floral City and played 2 hours …

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Nov 30 2016

Assembly and Detail Work

Finally reached the point where the shaping and prep work is finished;  the assembly and detail work begins. First, the peg head and tail stock is glued to the top, then prepped for the back. The back is clamped into place and the sides are sanded down thinly. The sides are steamed to make them pliable, …

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