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Oct 28 2016

The latest Project

This one may prove to be a bit of a challenge. Elsie had asked if I could lower the action on a dulcimer she had been given. On closer inspection, this instrument really needed some TLC to be fully¬†playable. It has a really beautiful shape and a nice sound, but the fretboard was a bit …

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Jun 09 2016

Working on the Soundboard

Working late last night, I cut the sound holes and secured the fretboard. It’s coming along…

May 23 2016

Winding it up

After the finish had dried, I applied a coat of paste wax to help protect the instrument. I installed the tuning pegs and added the strings. (I use medium gauge Vega banjo strings). After a little fine tuning and bridge adjustment, she was all done! Even though the actual time for construction stretched for a …

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Apr 11 2016

Weekend Progress

I have bookmatched the top and back, sanding both smooth. I didn’t include a picture, because it looks just like the bookmatching post earlier. The plan tonight is to cut the teardrop shapes on the top and back, continue to uniformly thin them down and install the gluing strips on the back. I also added …

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